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Create Your Own Escape Room or Puzzle Challenge To Get Your Students Up and Moving

Mythology Teaching Ideas

Escape Room Puzzle Challenge 12 Labors of Hercules

Need to give your students a break from the “sit and get” method of classroom learning? Escape rooms (or as I like to call mine, “puzzle challenges”) are an exciting way to engage students in your content through gamification. In this activity students, travel around the room in pairs solving a series of 10-12 puzzles. I do these puzzle challenges in conjunction with two different mythology units:  the Labors of Hercules and the Odyssey.

Hercules Puzzle Challenge

Hercules Puzzle Types

These puzzle types are as follows:

  • Word scramble puzzles
  • Fill-in-the-blank puzzles (akin to Wheel of Fortune)
  • Pictograph puzzles (where picture
    s represent certain words)

Why Puzzle Challenges? Puzzle Challenges get students up and moving, encourage them to be competitive, and challenge their problem-solving skills. I always make my puzzle challenges a race to finish first and offer a small prize (like a mint) for the top three winning teams.

Hercules Puzzle Challenge

Create a Puzzle Challenge on Your Own:  It does not take many resources to create one of these activities, so if you are considering it:

  1. Think of 10-12 puzzles connected to your content. (Don’t make the solutions so obvious that the students do not need to solve the puzzle to determine them!)
  2. Print them out on colorful paper, laminate them if possible, and hang them on the wall.
  3. Create a sheet for your students to record their answers on.

Escape Room Based around Hercules

Odyssey Escape Room Gamesheet

Or if you are teaching the myth of Hercules or the Odyssey and are interested in purchasing one of our ready-made puzzle challenges, they are linked below: 

Stay creative!

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