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How to Setup an American Literature Course

Sometimes we get asked the question, "How do you set up your American Literature course?" Here is an answer to that question! The PDF below is a unit-by-unit course outline for our American Literature course. Focusing on the American Dream throughout America's history, our course begins with early American literature, progresses chronologically through American history and literature, explores the major works of American Literature along the way, and concludes with a unit on Rocky and the American Dream. 

As you might expect, the materials we use are those that are available on this site for free or sale. Links are provided within the document to show you where the necessary materials can be downloaded on the website for free. Links also direct you to the website store if the download is a sale item. If you do not wish to use our materials, the outline still give you an idea of how to plan your the scope and sequence for your own curriculum.

Our units correspond with the American Literature sections of our website:  The New World, Puritan Life, Forming a Nation, The American Imagination, Slavery and Freedom, and Broken Dreams. 

Click here to download our free Sample American Literature Course Outline