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Mythology for Kids

Introduction to Mythology for Kids

What are myths? Myths are stories that answer questions:  Why does the world work the way it does? What causes the wind to blow? Why do the days last longer in the summer? Why does the sky sometimes produce no rain? Why does the sun sometimes disappear from the sky?

Why should kids study myths? Myths and legends represent the hopes and fears of people from all over the world and from across time. Studying them is like following a map of the human imagination. Introducing kids to fantastical stories is a great way to build their imaginations. As they learn the stories of other cultures, they will be intrigued by the differences and perhaps surprised by the similarities.

Where is the best place to begin? Below is a list of recommended myths and folktales from around the world that form a perfect introduction to mythology for kids. Clicking on the highlighted stories will take you to a full text version of the story, but all the stories appear in their entirety in my book, Introduction to Mythology for Kids. Note:This page contains affiliate links.

Recommended Myths for young readers:

  • Momotaro the Peach Boy (Japan)
  • Gilgamesh and Enkidu (Mesopotamia)
  • Vasilia the Wise (Russia)
  • Anansi and the Sky God's Stories (West Africa)
  • Finn MacCool Faces a Giant (Ireland)
  • Thor and Loki in the Land of the Giants (Scandinavia)
  • Maui Slows the Sun (Polynesia)
  • Gluscabi and the Wind Eagle (North America)
  • The Dragon's Pearl (China)
  • The Search for the Magic Lake (Ecuador)
  • Phaethon and the Chariot of the Sun (Ancient Greece)
  • Isis and Osiris (Ancient Egypt)

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