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How to Set Up a Mythology Course

Sometimes we get asked the question, "How do you set up your semester-long mythology course?" Here is an answer to that question! The PDF below is a unit-by-unit course outline for our Mythology elective course. It is designed to both teach and entertain. It is filled with fun activities like script-stories, escape rooms, film analysis projects, and the like, but students are still held accountable with content quizzes and unit exams.

As you might expect, the materials we use are those that are available on this site for free or sale. Links are provided within the document to show you where the necessary materials can be downloaded on the website for free. Links also direct you to the website store if the download is a sale item. If you do not wish to use our materials, the outline still give you an idea of how to plan your the scope and sequence for your own curriculum!

Click here to download our free Semester-Long Mythology Course Outline

Need materials? The product below will provide you with all the materials you need to teach a mythology course as detailed in the course outline above!

THE OLYMPUS BUNDLE  Want to teach a educational and engaging Greek mythology course, but don't know where to start? This bundle of 17 different classroom-tested materials will provide you with all the materials you will need to teach a semester-long mythology course. Materials in the bundle include Reader's Theater script-stories, classroom games, objective exams, and decorations for your classroom. Click here for more details.