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How to Set Up a Mythology Course

Sometimes we get asked the question, "How do you set up your semester-long mythology course?" Here is an answer to that question! Below are two unit-by-unit course outlines. Combine them to form a year-long Mythology course. Only have a semester? No problem! Semester One is devoted to Greek and Roman mythology while Semester Two is an overview of World Mythology, and each can operate independently of one another. The outlines contain hyperlinks to the materials used in the course.

Greek and Roman Mythology Course Outline (1 Semester, 90 days)

World Mythology Course Outline (1 Semester, 92 days)

Year-Long Mythology Course Outline (2 Semesters, 180 days):  Combine the two outlines listed above into one year-long course

Need materials? Below you will find the materials you need to teach a mythology course as detailed in the course outlines above!

THE OLYMPUS BUNDLE  Want to teach a educational and engaging Greek mythology course, but don't know where to start? This bundle of 17 different classroom-tested materials will provide you with all the materials you will need to teach a semester-long mythology course. Materials in the bundle include Reader's Theater script-stories, classroom games, objective exams, and decorations for your classroom. Click here for more details.



Teaching World Mythology

 WORLD MYTH BUNDLE  This planet-sized bundle gives you all the materials you need to teach a semester-long world mythology course--all pre-planned and ready-to-teach! And these materials are not just "world" in name only. They include stories from people and cultures from under-represented regions of the globe including Africa, Oceania, South America, Southeast Asia, Mesoamerica, Siberia, and many more! Plus, it saves you money. This bundle saves you over $25 by combining 22 other products from our website. Click here for more details.