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Hero Tales from Around the World

Vasilisa the Brave
World myths and folktales are filled with brave heroes, and their quests are some of the best stories ever told. Piece by piece and place by place, we hope to bring you hero tales from all over the world. This page is a work in progress, but by the end we hope to have the entire globe represented! We hope you enjoy these greatest hits from world mythology!
VASILISA THE BRAVE (SCRIPT-STORY)  A young girl must make a terrifying journey into the heart of the Russian forest. Armed only with her enchanted doll, Vasilisa faces the horrors of the home of Baba Yaga, the famed witch of Slavic folklore.
RUSSIAN FOLKLORE CREATURES  The creatures from Russian folklore are some of the most fun and inventive. This worksheet presents them in all their glory! It includes a teacher and student copy.
INTRODUCTION TO MYTHOLOGY FOR KIDS  This collection of 12 stories retells popular hero stories from around the world. From the Japanese myth of Momotarō The Peach Boy and his loyal animal friends to the Slavic myth of Vasilisa the Wise and her enchanted doll, this beautifully illustrated collection of mythology for kids takes you on a journey through the sands of time. 
PO-WAN THE GENEROUS (SCRIPT-STORY)  Setting out to visit the mighty goddess the Living Kuan-Yin, Po-wan, a poor but kind young man, learns a valuable lesson about the transformative power of generosity on his adventures. (Plus, there's a dragon!) 
MOMOTARO THE PEACH BOY (SCRIPT-STORY)   This stand-alone script-story retells the legend of Momotaro, the Japanese warrior born from a heavenly peach. Accompanying him on his mission to rescue an island from dreaded Oni monsters are three faithful companions:  a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant.
Anansi and the Sky-God's StoriesANANSI AND THE SKY-GOD'S STORIES (SCRIPT-STORY)  Anansi, the original spider man of African myth, uses his spider skills to win the Sky God's stories for the humans of earth! It's no easy feat though. He must trap four fearsome creatures: a deadly swarm of hornets, a vicious leopard, a cunning python, and a mischievous fairy.
THE HERO'S JOURNEY Find out what many hero stories from around the world have in common!