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Teacher and Student Testimonials

Below are some comments students and other teachers have made about the products available on this site. In particular, they are commenting about the technique of using script-stories (Reader's Theater plays) in their classrooms. I highly recommend the script-story approach to teaching literature to reluctant readers. For more information on this technique, click here.

"You have really brought my spark back." -Laura, Educator from Virginia-

"Thanks for all you do...You have really revolutionized my teaching." -Dan B., Educator-

" I truly believe [Zachary Hamby is] keeping mythology alive for a generation that may have given up on it."  -Paul C. from New York-

"My students LOVE your script-stories. I have students retaking my Mythology course just so they can experience it again. Last year was a real "Breakfast Club" experience. I had 7 students in one class that had almost nothing in common, but because of your script-stories (and the chance to laugh together during them), they were all friends at the end. Thank you!" -A. Roberts, Educator-

"I have to tell you that my kids LOVE these plays. Our school offered mythology every year for a long time but actual enrollment in the class was always hit and miss, and some years it was cut because of low enrollment. Three years ago they asked me to teach it three weeks before school started. In a panic, I started looking for curriculum and discovered yours. The first year I taught Greek Mythology as a semester class both semesters using your curriculum and the classes were full. The next year I got admin. to approve Greek Mythology for the fall and European and World Mythology for the spring--and quickly purchased your materials for that as well. The classes have been full ever since."  -Erica, Educator from Kansas-

"My students love to read your plays, which says a lot. These kids are at-risk youth in a placement facility; essentially they are one step shy of being behind bars. I have 13-17 year-olds ranging in ability from illiterate to reading at a college level. Many are homeless, have no family to speak of, and are addicts or affected by addiction.  It's often a struggle to find reading material that keeps most of my students engaged, but your plays always do the trick. By the second or third day of my unit, kids are begging for the best reading parts."  -Christopher, Educator-

I cannot rave enough about this adaptation of Beowulf! This is a high-quality resource and definitely worth the cost. This has completely transformed how I teach Beowulf in my classes. The script is well-written and manages to retain important plot points for the Big Three (Grendel, Grendel's Mother, and the Dragon), as well as literary devices such as kennings and alliteration, all the while presenting this challenging poem in a student-friendly format. The narration is fun and true to the story and (the added sound effects) make it easy for even those students who are not reading to stay involved. I used this with both my on level and college prep senior classes. In the on-level class we just read the scripts, while in the college prep class I assigned the original poem and we performed those particular scenes using the script in class. Both classes loved it and their retention of the poem has been much higher than in past classes. Not to mention I had the added bonus of kids begging to read--something which has never happened in my experience with Beowulf! If you teach Beowulf and want to breathe new life into your classroom, you need this resource! -The Novel Teacher, Educator-