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The Odyssey Escape Room Puzzle Challenge

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Want an exciting and brain-teasing way to wrap up your Odyssey unit? Try out this escape room activity, which asks your students to decode 14 different puzzles that deal with characters and events from Homer's epic poem! Puzzle types vary from word scramble challenges to fill-in-the-blank Wheel-of-Fortune-style challenges to cartoony picture puzzles. Students record their answers on an illustrated gamesheet and then decode the final message to win the game! A handy summary of the Odyssey is also included to help remind students of important people, places, and events in the story. This activity makes a great way to review for an Odyssey exam!

Distance Learning Variant:  Instructions for making this activity work with distance learning are also included.

Approximate activity length:  35-50 minutes (depending on skill level)

This ZIP file download includes the following materials:

  • 1 gamesheet
  • 13 puzzle challenges
  • 3-page summary of the events of the Odyssey
  • Teacher instructions

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