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Distance Learning Resources

Dealing with distance learning this year? Here is a list of many of the free materials available on this site!

Free online learning resources are available on this website and our other website,

Script-stories are a great way for a small group to learn a particular story by acting out. Below are a list of free script-stories available on this site.  

Other Websites

Khan Academy is a great online resource, and one my favorite teaching toolboxes from the site is Imagineering in a Box. In case you don't know, Imagineers are the creative force behind Disney theme parks. The video based lessons go through the process of designing a particular theme park land and ride--detailing the various elements that go into such an effort:  music, artwork, engineering. It's a great cross-curricular project, and the videos are excellent! The full link is here: 

Khan Academy also has a course called Pixar in a Box. I have not tried it personally, but it focuses on Pixar's unique storytelling approach. The link is here: