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Gamification Resources

Gamification is a great way to add some excitement to your classroom, no matter what age group you teach! I recently tried gamifying my own classroom, and the results have been a blast! Even high-schoolers can get into the competition of individual leaderboards, as well as a competitive house challenge, which pits four different houses against one another. On this page I will post the gamification materials I have used in my own classroom.

DIGITAL LEADERBOARD FOR A GAMIFIED CLASSROOM HOUSE CHALLENGE  Ever wanted to have a Harry Potter-style House Challenge to gamify your classroom? This kit gives you the tools to do so! Divide your students into four fun houses and award them points for their performance throughout a unit, a semester, or a whole year. This download also includes a digital leaderboard for Google Sheets that does the work for you! It automatically ranks players, tallies house points, and displays an image of the leading house. The only pieces of information that need to be input are student names, codenames, house assignments, and house challenge points. Everything else is tallied automatically and digitally shared with your students through a handy weblink. Click here for more info!

Mythology Badges with Greek GodsGreek Mythology Badges for Classroom Use

FREE GREEK MYTHOLOGY BADGING SYSTEM  Want to incorporate a bit of gamification into your classroom? There's nothing better than our free digital Greek Mythology Badge Kit, which you will receive immediately after joining our mailing list. This download includes a scroll background and 24 badges (with transparent backgrounds) based on Greek Mythology. Click HERE to sign up today and receive the download link directly in your email. 

Greek Mythology Badging System


  1. Create a Google Slides presentation and insert the scroll image as the background.
  2. Using Google Classroom, create a copy of the presentation for each student.
  3. As students earn badges, use Google Classroom to share the mythology badges with only the students who earned them. Do this by creating a post and choose the individual students who will see the post. Attach the badge image as an attachment to the post.
  4. Students can now download the badges and insert them into their Google Slides badge display board.

Mythology House Challenge