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World Myth Bundle: Everything You Need to Teach a Semester-Long World Mythology Course

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This planet-sized bundle gives you all the materials you need to teach a semester-long world mythology course--all pre-planned and ready-to-teach! And these materials are not just "world" in name only. They teach 99 stories from people and cultures from under-represented regions of the globe including Africa, Oceania, South America, Southeast Asia, Mesoamerica, Siberia, and many more! Plus, it saves you money. This bundle saves you over $35 by combining 30 other products from our website. All materials are ready to teach immediately:  Simply follow the course outline available on our website:  world mythology course outline, which covers 90 days of instruction.

INTERESTED IN A YEAR-LONG MYTHOLOGY COURSE? Combine this bundle with the OLYMPUS BUNDLE for a whopping 180 days of mythology content all pre-planned and ready-to-teach!


  • Digital copies of 5 mythology textbooks:  Reaching Valhalla, The Road to Camelot, Tales from Ancient Egypt, Hero Tales from Around the World, and Reaching Sherwood: The Legends of Robin Hood
  • An autographed, physical copy of the 212-page textbook World Mythology for Beginners with 50 world myths
  • What Is a Myth? Presentation
  • Seven Qualities of a Hero Presentation and Writing Activity
  • Make Your Life Epic Writing Activity
  • 49 script-stories as individual files for easy upload to virtual classroom platforms (such as Google classroom)
  • 49 teacher guides (2 pages each) for each script-story
  • 2 Find-It Puzzles
  • 3 whole classroom games including the Ragnarok game and Conspiracy in Camelot (a medieval Mafia-style game starring the characters of King Arthur)
  • 1 Thor Ragnarok viewing guide activity + key
  • Moana viewing guide activity + key
  • 2 Exams with 90 multiple choice questions and 1 reading passage each
  • 2 Character Quizzes (Norse and King Arthur)

Bundling these materials together saves over $35!

Use on Google classroom:  All these materials (except for World Mythology for Beginners) are digital and can be uploaded to virtual classroom platforms such as Google Classroom and Canvas. Please note that the materials are password-protected, but they all use the same easy-to-remember password.

Download Size:  222 MB

File format:  This download comes in a ZIP file format. Please make sure you have the correct software to unzip once you have purchased it. (ZIP file software comes standard with most computers.) 

For a detailed look at which products are included in this bundle, see the list below with links to the product descriptions:

  • What Is a Myth?
  • The Epic of Gilgamesh
  • Move to Sunny Mesopotamia Brochure
  • Life in Ancient Egypt
  • Tales from Egyptian Mythology
  • Seven Qualities of a Hero
  • World Mythology for Beginners
  • Momotaro the Peach Boy
  • Po-Wan the Generous
  • Vasilisa the Brave
  • Grandfather Chenoo
  • Anansi and the Sky-God's Stories
  • Lugalbanda the Littlest Prince
  • The Deeds of Finn MacCool
  • The Magic Lake
  • Li Chi and the Serpent
  • The Hero Twins in the Land of the Dead
  • Maui the Mighty
  • Make Your Life Epic
  • Reaching Valhalla: Tales from Norse Mythology
  • Norse God and Goddess Quiz
  • Thor Ragnarok Viewing Guide
  • Moana Viewing Guide
  • Norse God and Goddess Poster Set
  • The Road to Camelot: The Legends of King Arthur
  • King Arthur Character Quiz
  • King Arthur Coloring Pages
  • Reaching Sherwood: The Legends of Robin Hood

Note:  The only materials not included in this download are free materials available on this website and copies of the two films, Thor Ragnarok and Moana included in the course outline.

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