Tales from Egyptian Mythology:  A Script-Story Collection (Digital Student Copy + Usage Rights for Digital Classrooms)
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Tales from Egyptian Mythology: A Script-Story Collection (Digital Student Copy + Usage Rights for Digital Classrooms)

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About the "Student Copy + Usage Rights for Digital Classrooms" Version:  This version of the script-story collection has certain teacher information blocked, so that teachers may share the script-stories with students digitally. While the regular version of the collection gives teachers permission to photocopy pages for classroom use, this version also comes with the rights for a single teacher to share the document with a classroom of students digitally. This version also has the script-stories split into individual documents that can be uploaded to secure classroom sites such as Google classroom for student use. This download is a ZIP file. Before purchasing please make sure you have the software to unzip the files. (Most versions of Windows will do this automatically.)

For the regular digital version of the textbook, which includes the teacher pages, click here.

Product Description:  Enter the imaginative world of Egyptian mythology, where animal-headed gods use magic and cunning to compete for the power to rule the earth! In addition to entertainment value, the Egyptian myths offer intriguing insights into ancient Egyptian culture, which still inspires and mystifies us to this day.

This collection features three script-stories that adapt the popular story of the god Osiris, his devoted wife, Isis, and their son, Horus. Along the way, you will meet several of Egypt's most interesting characters:  Ra the falcon-headed sun god, the deceptive and beast-like Set, Sobek the crocodile-headed Nile god, and Anubis the jackal-headed judge of the dead.

This 45-page download includes the following stories:

  • "Isis and Osiris"
  • "The Search for Osiris"
  • "Horus the Avenger"

Each script-story is accompanied by a 2-page teacher guide which includes:  a summary of the story, relevant background information, essential questions, name pronunciation guide, anticipatory questions, teachable terms, and discussion questions.


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