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Moana (2016) Viewing Guide

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Want to add a little Pacific Islander heritage to your classroom? With this viewing guide for Disney's epic adventure Moana (2016), the work has been done for you. All we can say is, "You're welcome!"

Moana is one of Walt Disney Pictures's most culturally-authentic films and an excellent example of the Hero’s Journey. The film features an original storyline that incorporates Polynesian mythology: A young heroine named Moana goes on an epic voyage to save her island home. Along the way, she meets up with the demigod Maui (Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson) and discovers her people’s secret heritage as ocean voyagers. Although Moana is an all-ages film, the viewing guide is designed for grades 6-12 and utilizes upper-grade analysis. It also provides students with behind-the-scenes details about the making of the film, connections to Polynesian mythology, and other bits of trivia.

Note:  This product is a ZIP file, so make sure your computer can process this type of file before purchasing.


  • An 7-page Disney's Moana viewing guide with background, trivia, and analysis questions.
  • 16 short answer questions for students to answer as they view the film. These questions ask students to make personal connections and analyze the story's events and characters.
  • A key is also included with suggestions for student responses.

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