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Reaching Valhalla: Tales and Sagas from Norse Mythology (Digital Student Copy + Usage Rights for Digital Classrooms)

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About the "Student Copy + Usage Rights for Digital Classrooms" Version:  This version of the textbook has certain teacher information blocked, so that teachers may share this textbook with students digitally. While the regular version of the textbook gives teachers permission to photocopy pages for classroom use, this version also comes with the rights for a single teacher to share the document with a classroom of students digitally. For the regular digital version of the textbook, which includes the teacher pages, click here.

Reaching Valhalla:  Dwarves crafting their marvelous treasures in cavern forges, dragons slumbering on piles of stolen treasure, wizards plotting revenge with their terrible powers, and giant monsters threatening all that is good—this is not Lord of the Rings. It is Norse mythology! In this book you will discover the rich mythology that has inspired everything from Beowulf to the works of J.R.R. Tolkien to the Thor superhero series. Feuding gods, wily shape-shifters, and valiant warriors populate the fantastical brutal world of the Vikings and other northern peoples. Mystical runes, magical treasures, and powerful pieces of armor await them on their quests. 13 script-stories re-tell the most popular Norse myths—including tales of the thunder god Thor, his trickster friend Loki, and the Saga of the Volsungs, often called the Iliad of the Norsemen. The text also connects mythology to the modern world—How did Norse gods influence the days of the week, the idea of Santa Claus, and the end of the world?

The following 13 script-stories are included in this volume:

  • The Building of the Wall
  • The Apples of Iduna
  • Treasures of the Gods
  • Odin's Quest for Wisdom
  • Freya the Bride
  • In the Land of the Giants
  • The Children of Loki
  • The Death of Balder
  • Vali, Private Avenger
  • Otter's Ransom
  • The Sword of the Volsungs
  • Sigurd the Dragonslayer
  • The Fallen Valkyrie

More About the Series The Reaching Olympus series utilizes Reader’s Theater script-stories to teach mythology to middle-school and high-school readers. The author’s creative dialogue helps bring the characters of mythology to life. By placing readers in the various roles of mythology, they are allowed to experience the myths firsthand—creating a unique and powerful learning experience. Interactive games are included with each book in the series—adding to the number of ways that mythology can be experienced.

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