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The Seven Qualities of a Hero Bundle + The Hero's Journey Presentation Using Disney's Mulan

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Have you ever wondered what makes heroes so heroic? What specific qualities define a hero? Hero stories are a great way to teach character education, and these materials bring character to the forefront by identifying Seven Qualities that almost all heroes possess. Using examples from pop culture, literature, and video games, the eye-catching presentation illustrates these Seven Qualities. The accompanying graphic organizer gives students space to write down the qualities, the provided fictional examples, and real-life people who also possess these qualities. An editable writing prompt gives students a chance to write an essay about a hero in their own life who exhibits some of the Seven Qualities. Bonus material:  An eye-catching, partially- animated presentation outlining the Hero's Journey as it appears in Disney's Mulan.  

Grades: 6-12

This download includes 62 slides and pages of the following materials:  

  • Reading passage:  "The Power of Hero Stories" (2-pages)
  • Audio recording of "The Power of Hero Stories" (approx. 4 min.)
  • Presentation:  "Seven Qualities of a Hero" (available in multiple formats, including Powerpoint, PDF, and Google Slides).  This 22-slide presentation also includes speaker notes with relevant information on the example heroes.
  • Graphic organizer:  "Seven Qualities of a Hero" (1-page in multiple formats)
  • Editable writing assignment + rubric: "Hero Writing Assignment" (2 pgs.)
  • Bonus material:  "The Hero's Journey in Disney's Mulan" 35-slide presentation (multiple formats). Watch closely for some animated images!

Google Drive:  This download will also provide you links to make copies of the presentations for your own Google Drive! 

Note:  This download is a ZIP file.

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