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Olympus Bundle: Everything You Need to Teach a Semester-Long Mythology Course

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This is it! An Olympus-sized bundle that will give you all the materials you need to teach a semester-long mythology course! Saving you over $50, this bundle combines 17 other products from our website. It will provide you with an instant mythology course. Simply follow the course outline available on our website:  semester-long mythology course outline, which covers 90 days of instruction.

This mega download includes:

  • Digital copies of 4 Reaching Olympus textbooks
  • A digital copy of The Hero's Guidebook
  • 44 script-stories as individual files for easy upload to virtual classroom platforms (such as Google classroom)
  • 44 teacher guides (2 pages each) for each script-story
  • 10 Greek mythology mini-story worksheets as individual files for virtual classroom use
  • 3 Find-It Puzzles
  • 4 whole classroom games including the Trojan War game and Temple Trouble, the temple-building game
  • 1 Twelve Labors of Hercules escape room activity
  • 1 Disney's Hercules viewing guide activity
  • 1 Greek god and goddess overview presentation
  • 1 bundle of materials for teaching the Hero's Journey
  • Questions + key for an Ancient Greece packet and/or webquest
  • 4 Exams with 90 multiple choice questions and 1 reading passage each
  • 2 Greek god and goddess quizzes
  • 16 eye-popping posters featuring the Greek gods and goddesses for your classroom (with FREE SHIPPING)

Bundling these materials together saves over $50!

Use on Google classroom:  All these materials are digital and can be uploaded to virtual classroom platforms such as Google Classroom and Canvas. Please note that the materials are password-protected, but they all use the same easy-to-remember password.

Download Size:  151 MB

File format:  This download comes in a ZIP file format. Please make sure you have the correct software to unzip once you have purchased it. (ZIP file software comes standard with Windows.) 

For a detailed look at which products are included in this bundle, see the list below with links to the product descriptions:

Note:  The only materials missing from this download are free materials available on this website and copies of the two films, Hercules and O Brother, Where Art Thou? included in the course outline.

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