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Olympus Bundle: Everything You Need to Teach a Semester-Long Greek and Roman Mythology Course

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This is it! An Olympus-sized bundle that will give you all the materials you need to teach a semester-long mythology course! Saving you money, this bundle combines 17 other products from our website. It will provide you with an instant mythology course. Simply follow the course outline available on our website:  semester-long mythology course outline, which covers 90 days of instruction.

Interested in a year-long mythology course? Combine this bundle with the WORLD MYTH BUNDLE for a whopping 180 days of mythology content all pre-planned and ready-to-teach!

 This mega bundle includes: 

  • Digital copies of 4 Reaching Olympus textbooks
  • A digital copy of The Hero's Guidebook
  • 44 script-stories as individual files for easy upload to virtual classroom platforms (such as Google classroom)
  • 44 teacher guides (2 pages each) for each script-story
  • 10 Greek mythology mini-story worksheets as individual files for virtual classroom use
  • 16 Greek god and goddess posters for your classroom
  • 3 Find-It Puzzles
  • 4 whole classroom games including the Trojan War game and Temple Trouble, the temple-building game
  • 1 Twelve Labors of Hercules Escape Room activity
  • Odyssey Escape Room activity
  • 1 Disney's Hercules viewing guide activity
  • 1 Greek god and goddess overview presentation
  • 1 bundle of materials for teaching the Hero's Journey
  • Questions + key for an Ancient Greece packet and/or webquest
  • 4 Exams with 90 multiple choice questions and 1 reading passage each
  • 2 Greek god and goddess quizzes

Use on Google classroom:  All these materials are digital and can be uploaded to virtual classroom platforms such as Google Classroom and Canvas. Please note that the materials are password-protected, but they all use the same easy-to-remember password.

File format:  This download comes in a ZIP file format. Please make sure you have the correct software to unzip once you have purchased it. (ZIP file software comes standard with Windows.) The password to open all documents contained in the bundle is: Olympus! (note the capital "O" and "!" symbol).

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