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What Is a Myth? (Presentation + Worksheet + Guided Questions)

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Before embarking on a mythology unit, it's important to establish exactly what a myth is. This presentation (available in three different formats) makes the basics of a myth clear for students grades 6-12. Using high-quality images of examples from world mythology, this presentation defines a myth, cites the functions of a myth, gives seven common elements of myths, categorizes myths into three basic groups (etiological, historical, and psychological), and provides reasons for modern students to study mythology. Easily adaptable for distance learning, this presentation includes speaker notes, guided questions (with key), and an alternate worksheet format.

This download includes the following:

  • 20-slide, highly-visual presentation
  • Three presentation formats (Powerpoint, Google Slides, and PDF)
  • 20 guided questions + answer key
  • "What Is Mythology?" worksheet (includes all the presentation information in a worksheet format)
  • Linked document for downloading a Google Slides version of the presentation

Note:  For visual fidelity, the Powerpoint version of this presentation also requires the use of the FREE font "Oh Mighty Isis" available here:  (The author has paid to use this font commercially, but it is free for individual teacher use.)

This presentation teaches:

  • The definition of a myth
  • The functions of a myth
  • Seven common elements of myths (with examples)
  • Three types of myths (with examples)
  • Four reasons to study mythology

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