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32 Short Myths from Around the World + 3 Classroom Activities

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Explore 32 different myths! Each 2-page myth handout comes with the following features:
  • 700-950 word retelling of the myth (a quick read for most students)
  • Full-color illustrations
  • Specific culture of origin and geographical location
  • Post-reading questions for classroom discussion or written responses
  • The collection is available as a single 64-page file and individual handout files for easy uploading.
Unit Plan: These stories form a 13-16 day unit, where your students read 2-3 myths a day and analyze them using the post-reading questions.
  • Stand-alone Activity: Limited on time? The download includes handouts for three different jigsaw/pair-share activities, where students each learn a single myth and then share this myth with the other students.
  • Geographical Storytelling: Students each learn a myth and then group up based on the myth's geographical origin to share
  • World Myth Round-Up: Students each learn one myth, analyze it with the provided worksheet, and then pair-share multiple times until they have heard a variety of myths.
  • World Myth Speed Dating: Students learn one myth, analyze it with the provided worksheet, and do quick pair-shares to find their story's "best match." Also includes a rose coloring page for an optional Rose Ceremony for each student's "best match."
Additional Resources:
  • Story Squares feature the illustrations from each myth, which can be printed and cut apart to add an extra visual element to the pair-share activities.
  • World Myth Speed Dating Presentation This Google Slides presentation gives your students detailed instructions for how the activity works.
Complete List of Myths
  1. "The Theft of Destiny" (Mesopotamia)
  2. "The Storm God and the Dragon" (Mesopotamia)
  3. "The Tanuki Tea Kettle" (Japan)
  4. "The Nine-Tailed Fox" (Korea)
  5. "The Cowherd and the Weaver Maiden" (China)
  6. "Urashima Taro" (Japan)
  7. "The Dragon's Pearl" (Southwest China)
  8. "The Magic Oysters" (Indonesia)
  9. "Obatala Creates the World" (West Africa)
  10. "The Coming of Darkness" (Sierra Leone)
  11. "Lelimo the Giant and the Magic Cap" (Southern Africa)
  12. "The Sacrifice of Wanjiru" (Kenya)
  13. "Gihilihili the Snake-Man" (Rwanda)
  14. "The Thunder Bride" (South Africa)
  15. "The Star Maiden" (Brazil)
  16. "How Jaguar Lost His Fire" (Central Brazil)
  17. "Paraparawa and Waraku" (Brazil)
  18. "Quetzalcoatl Wins Music for Earth" (Mesoamerica)
  19. "The Rod of Gold" (Peru and Chile)
  20. "The Serpent Woman" (Spain)
  21. "The Kelpie" (Scotland)
  22. "Scheherazade" (Southwest Asia)
  23. "The Fisherman and the Genie" (Southwest Asia)
  24. "The Tiger, the Brahman, and the Jackal" (India)
  25. "The Blizzard Witch" (Indigenous Siberia)
  26. "Raven Steals the Light" (Indigenous North America)
  27. "Gluscabi and the Wind Eagle" (Indigenous North America)
  28. "Lodge-Boy and Thrown-Away" (Indigenous North America)
  29. "Sedna and the Sea Creatures" (Indigenous North America)
  30. "Coyote and Death" (Indigenous North America)
  31. "The Rainbow Serpent and the Wawilak Sisters" (Aboriginal Australia)
  32. "The Taming of Kinie Ger" (Aboriginal Australia)

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