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Reaching Sherwood: The Legends of Robin Hood and His Merry Men (Digital Class Set)

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About Digital Class Sets:  This download is perfect for teachers who use a digital classroom platform such as Google Classroom or Canvas! This download includes all of the following:

  • A digital copy of the original textbook
  • Individual digital copies of each script-story and activity for posting online
  • Digital sharing rights for a single teacher  

Note:  This download is a ZIP file. Please double-check that your operating system can unzip this type of file before you purchase it. To prevent piracy all documents are protected with the same easy-to-remember password.

For the regular digital version of the textbook, click here.

Reaching Sherwood:  Under the spreading branches of Sherwood Forest lives the most famous outlaw of all time: Robin Hood. Unjustly branded as a criminal, Robin takes up the cause of the poor against the villainous lords of England--the Sheriff of Nottingham, Prince John, and Sir Guy of Gisborne. Along the way, Robin forms a gang of loyal companions: Little John, Will Scarlet, Friar Tuck, and, of course, Maid Marian.<BR><BR>This textbook includes 6 script-stories that retell the legends of Robin Hood--blending swashbuckling adventure with English history. Also included is an interactive classroom strategy game, "Scouring Sherwood Forest." 

The following 6 script-stories are included in this volume:

  • "Robin the Outlaw"
  • "The Merry Men"
  • "The Queen of Sherwood"
  • "The Bishop and the Friar"
  • "The Black Knight"
  • "The Last Arrow"
Extra Games, Stories, and Other Resources
  • "Scouring Sherwood Forest" (interactive classroom game)
More About the Series: The Reaching Olympus series utilizes Reader’s Theater script-stories to teach mythology to middle-school and high-school readers. The author’s creative dialogue helps bring the characters of mythology to life. By placing readers in the various roles of mythology, they are allowed to experience the myths firsthand—creating a unique and powerful learning experience. Interactive games are included with each book in the series—adding to the number of ways that mythology can be experienced.

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