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Social Media Post Project

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Mount Olympus Social Media Post from the Greek Gods and Goddesses

Love it or hate it, social media is part of our modern world, and using our students’ familiarity with it is a creative way to grab their attention. That being said, I wanted to share a new project that my students loved. In this assignment, they use Google Slides to design social media posts from fictional characters. In my version, these characters had to be gods and goddesses from Greek mythology. (The image above is the example I used from Norse mythology.) The template allows students to create profile pictures, posts, and replies. The template has two slides, one for a text-only post and one for a picture post. Although the subject matter for my students was Greek mythology, I could see this project being easily-adaptable to other units. My students were really creative with it!

I want to say that this is a simplified remix of a template I found on Matt Miller’s site Ditch that Textbook. His template is much more sophisticated than mine, but I found fewer having fewer editing options made the project easier for my students. If you want more options for your students, Matt has a ton of template options (all types of social media and streaming services) on his website (linked above)—all for free!

To try this project in your classroom, visit this page and scroll all the way to the bottom to the link MOUNT OLYMPUS SOCIAL MEDIA POST. The links there will let you copy the template and example post to your Google Drive.

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