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How To Add Our Materials to Google Classroom

Digital Classrooms

As more and more educators transition to digital classroom platforms such as Google Classroom, several teachers have asked me the best way to use the digital resources available on this site on web-based platforms. So here it is!

These instructions will work with any PDFs (worksheets, short stories, or novel excerpts) you plan to use with your students. Have all PDFs already downloaded to your computer to make the process simpler.

PDF materials available on  include:

  • Free individual assignments available in PDF format that cover a wide variety of ELA topics
  • Digital Class Sets: These are special versions of our textbooks that have all script-stories, worksheets, and games broken down into individual PDF files. This makes using the materials with Google classroom much simpler.


  1. Create your assignment in Google Classroom
  • Go to the specific page for your course in Google Classroom.
  • Click on the “Classwork” tab.

  1. Click “Create” and then choose the “Assignment” option.


  1. Title your assignment, and add instructions. In your instructions tell students to create a Google Doc that answers the questions included on the attached document. Remember to list the password for opening digital documents (Olympus!) in the assignment instructions.
    • Example: Read the attached script-story “The Knight of the Lake.” The document may be password-protected, and the password to open it is: Olympus! (Remember to include the capital “O” and “!” symbol.) After you have read the story, create a new Google Doc and answer the questions that follow it with 2-3 sentences each.

    4. Now add the digital worksheets or script-stories by clicking “Add” and choosing “File” from the dropdown menu.

      5. You should already have this file saved to your computer. On the next screen choose the “Upload” tab. Then click the button “Select files from your device.”

      6.This will open up a new window, where you can select the files you wish to upload. Choose the files. When you click “open” on the file window, your files will be added to your Google classroom upload screen.

      7. When you have chosen the files you need to attach, click the blue “Upload” button. Your files will then upload and appear beneath your assignment as attachments.

      8. Next to each of the attachments, there is a box that says “Students can view file.” I like to change this to “Make a copy for each student.” This way each student will have a copy of each file in his or her Google Drive.

      9. Hit “Assign.” Your assignment is now finished!

      RECAP:  If you would like to see how it plays out step-by-step, you can watch this animation!

       If you found this guide to be helpful, or if there is another digital classroom question you would like answered, leave us a comment below! Happy teaching!


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