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Canterbury Tales Script-Stories (Digital Class Set)
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Canterbury Tales Script-Stories (Digital Class Set)

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About Digital Class Sets:  This download is perfect for teachers who use a digital classroom platform such as Google Classroom or Canvas! This download includes all of the following:

  • A digital copy of the original textbook
  • Individual digital copies of each script-story and activity for posting online
  • Digital sharing rights for a single teacher  

Note:  This download is a ZIP file. Please double-check that your operating system can unzip this type of file before you purchase it. To prevent piracy all documents are protected with the same easy-to-remember password.

For the regular digital version of the textbook, which includes the teacher pages, click here.

About the Text:  Ever have troubles teaching The Canterbury Tales? Use this collection of six script-stories to generate student interest in Geoffrey Chaucer's classic. Allow your students to inhabit classic characters like the Knight, the Miller, the Wife of Bath, and the Pardoner and learn firsthand why these tales have been celebrated for hundreds of years. Each script is approximately 30-40 minutes. Chaucer's humor is still evident, but some of the stories' rougher edges have been softened to make them classroom-appropriate. These tales end up being a favorite of my students.

The 77-page download includes the following script-stories:

  • The General Prologue
  • The Knight's Tale
  • The Miller's Tale
  • The Wife of Bath's Tale
  • The Pardoner's Tale
  • The Nun's Priest's Tale

To view a sample of the material, click the following link for a free copy of "The Pardoner's Tale."

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