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The Hero's Journey and Character Archetypes Presentations and Worksheets Bundle

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This bundle of presentations and printable worksheets will outfit you to teach the stages of Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey as well as common character archetypes that appear within. As an added twist, these materials ask students to apply the pattern of The Hero's Journey to help them overcome struggles in their own lives!

The Hero's Journey Presentation and Worksheet:  Analyze myth, legend, and literature on a whole new level by using the lens of the Hero's Journey. This 37-page presentation uses high-interest images from The Lion King and Star Wars: A New Hope to give detailed accounts of the stages of the Monomyth, Joseph's Campbell's theory of the Hero's Journey. These 12 stages include: The Ordinary World, the Call to Adventure, Meeting with the Mentor, the Supreme Ordeal, etc. 

In addition to helping us understand stories, the Hero's Journey can also help us travel the journey of life. In a unique twist this presentation approaches the Hero's Journey as a philosophy by asking students to apply the Hero's Journey to their own lives. Also included is a printable note-taking sheet for students.

Materials for this presentation include:

A Powerpoint version of the presentation
A PDF version of the presentation
A PDF printable student note-taking worksheet

Character Archetypes Presentation and Worksheet:  Enhance the study of myth, legend, and literature by teaching common character archetypes to your students. This 20-page presentation gives background on Carl Jung, the originator of the archetype, as well as the attributes of 18 different archetypes including: The Hero, the Shadow, the Mentor, Allies, etc. High-interest images from The Wizard of Oz, Disney films, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and other pop culture touchstones accompany each description. Also included in the download is a student note-taking sheet that asks students to think of their own example of each archetype. This comes in three versions (blank, partially filled, and completely filled teacher guide). 

Materials for this presentation include:

An editable Powerpoint version of the presentation
A PDF version of the presentation
A PDF version of the student worksheet with information fields blank
A PDF version of the student worksheet partially filled-in to lessen student notetaking
A PDF version of the student worksheet completely filled-in (teacher guide)

Finding the Hero's Journey Worksheet:  Using guided questions, this 2-page worksheet asks students to analyze any story (whether it is a novel, a film, or a video game) for the various stages of the Hero's Journey. These questions make it easier for students recognize the stages and archetypes of the Hero's Journey.

Note:  These bundled materials are delivered as a ZIP file.

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