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Design-a-Quest: Making Your Own Hero's Journey Graphic Organizer Bundle + The Hero's Journey Presentation Using Disney's Aladdin

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Want to give your students some practice writing their own Hero's Journey? This set of graphic organizers is perfect for young writers who want to invent some heroes of their own. Using your choice of written-response only or a creative, comic-book-style combination of artwork and written responses, these graphic organizers allow students to organize their own hero story. The graphic organizers help students outline their story utilizing the stages of the Hero's Journey ("The Ordinary World," "The Call to Adventure," "The Supreme Ordeal," etc.) Students will also design characters based on certain Hero's Journey archetypes ("The Hero," "The Shadow," "The Mentor," "Allies," etc.) All of this information is based on Joseph Campbell's monomyth of the Hero's Journey from his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces. 

Grades:  4-12

Two different formats:  Use one or the other or both!

Design-a-Quest (2 pages):  This graphic organizer asks students a series of questions to help them develop their own original story based on the Hero's Journey. (This graphic organizer asks only for written responses.)

Design-a-Quest (3 pages):  This graphic organizer asks students to draw and write their way through a more detailed concept of their hero story--designing their Hero, Shadow, Allies, and giving more detail on the stages of their story. (Student samples are included.)

Bonus Presentation:  Also included is an overview of the Hero's Journey storytelling pattern using Disney's Aladdin as an example. The download includes an editable Powerpoint version and a PDF version of this presentation.

Also check out our The Hero's Journey Presentation and Worksheet Bundle for teaching students about the Hero's Journey. 

For a more interactive approach try the Hero Quest Game, where students participate in each other's Hero's Journey.

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