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Introduction to Ancient Greece Reading Packet + Questions + Key

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This 14-page illustrated packet of information provides a solid background on ancient Greece for both English and history teachers. Sections include:  Greek democracy, life for boys, life for girls, Greek slavery, Warfare, Death and Burial, and Life in Sparta. Also included are 50 questions for students to answer and an answer key. This download is a ZIP file, which will include three individual files:

  • Ancient Greece information packet
  • 50 questions covering the entirety of the information
  • A key for the 50 questions formatted in the same way as the questions for easy grading

Topics covered in the reading packet:

  •  Greek city-states
  • Life of a Greek boy
  • Life of a Greek girl
  • Greek democracy
  • Greek slavery
  • Greek religion
  • The Oracle of Delphi
  • The Gynasium
  • The Olympics
  • Death and burial
  • Greek warfare
  • Life in Sparta

Note:  Please make sure you have the technology you will need to unzip a .zip file before you purchase this product. Most versions of Windows unzip .zip files automatically.

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