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Look! There in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's your newest creative project! Need a way to make any unit super? This project is here to save the day. Allow students to demonstrate their knowledge by designing a superhero based on a historical figure, a literary character, or their own original idea. Let their creativity soar up, up, and away!

 This download comes with three different variants:

  • History: Design a superhero based on a historical figure
  • Language Arts: Design a superhero based on a literary character
  • Art: Design an original superhero

Two different hero templates (one male and one female) ask students to design the following elements of a superhero:

  • The hero's costume
  • Three superpowers that the hero has
  • Three super items the hero uses
  • An arch-nemesis or a sidekick for the hero
  • The hero's secret lair

 This 8-page download comes with the following materials:

  • A male superhero template
  • A female superhero template
  • Three sets of instructions: One with instructions for basing a superhero on a historical figure or literary character, one with instructions for creating an original superhero based on a big idea, and one with instructions connecting superheroes to heroes from Greek mythology
  • Two student examples (one based on a historical figure and one on a literary character)

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