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Crowded Sea Kingdom: A Sea-Themed Print-and-Play Game

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In this print-and-play classroom game for 1-50+ players, you will build an underwater sea kingdom and fill it with coral reefs, starfish, turtles, and tropical fish.. But watch out! The more crowded your kingdom is, the more important every decision becomes. While creating your underwater wonderland, you must remember that giant squid will snack upon any sea creatures within reach. But never fear! Brave whales posted at just the right spot can gobble up these squid and save the day. Welcome to Crowded Sea Kingdom!

This game can be printed and played with a single piece of paper, a pencil, and a pair of dice.

  • Two dice determine what items and at what location players can build.
  • Players compete with one another to see who can get the highest score with their kingdom.
  • Gameplay is simple to learn, but deep enough to engage and challenge your students for multiple playthroughs.
  • A single player can also play the game and compete against their own high score.
  • Scoring is based on how certain items are placed in relation to one another (promoting the use of strategy and critical thinking)

This game teaches:

  • Critical thinking
  • Simple math
  • Strategy

This download includes:

  • A black-and-white printable game sheet
  • A full-color printable game sheet
  • 4-page rule booklet

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