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Lord of the Labyrinth: A Theseus vs. the Minotaur Game

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Mix the excitement of a video game with critical thinking in this easy-to-set-up classroom game. Inspired by the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, students play in pairs (one as the Greek hero Theseus and one as the Minotaur). The Minotaur player designs a labyrinth full of booby traps while Theseus plans where in the maze to leave his special items of assistance. Then moving one space at a time through the darkness, Theseus makes his way to the center of the maze, where he will face off against the Minotaur.

Number of Players: 30+ students (in groups of two)

This game teaches:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Creative design
  • Sportsmanship

Setup time: 10 minutes

Game length: 20-30 minutes (can be played multiple times)

Medium: Pencil/paper

Note: This game requires a 6-sided die for each pair of students. A box of 10 dice costs approximately $2.50 retail.

Teacher Instructions: Instructions for setup, step-by-step rules, and two example gamesheets are included with this download.

FREE Game Overview Presentation:  Click HERE to make a copy of a FREE Google Slides presentation that provides an overview of the game.  A PDF Version is also available HERE.  

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