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Merlin's Build-a-Beast Worksheet: Design Your Own Mythical Creature Activity

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Enter MERLIN'S BUILD-A-BEAST WORKSHOP, where imaginary creatures come to life! Here students design their own mythical creature by combining features of real-life animals and remixing them in imaginative ways. This 4-page activity sheet includes instructions, historical background, and two graphic organizers. Students use creative writing and art to bring their original creature to life, prepare for its feeding and care, and design other aspects of its fantastic existence. The activity sheet also supports student choice as students can choose to respond to its prompts either through writing or artwork.

 This download contains the following:

  • 2 pages of background on mythical creatures and instructions for designing the creature
  • 2 page graphic organizer for designing the creature
  • 2 page student example mythical creature
  • 8-slide Powerpoint Presentation featuring three mythical creatures and their details (an excerpt from Merlin's Guide to Mythical Creatures from Many Lands)
  • 8-slide Google Slides version of the same presentation
  • 8-page PDF version of the same presentation

This product pairs perfectly with Merlin's Guide to Mythical Creatures from Many Lands by Zachary Hamby, which features 50 mythical creatures to inspire your students.

 Note: This file is a ZIP file, so please make sure your computer has the capability to unzip this file.


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