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John Milton's Paradise Lost: The Fall of Satan (Reader's Theater Script-Story)

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This 9-page Reader's Theater script-story adapts the first part of John Milton's epic work Paradise Lost, giving students an overview of the poem's main characters and themes, as well as a taste for Milton's poetic language. Satan, decisively defeated by God, decides to build a capital in hell called Pandemonium and make it his personal mission to corrupt God's perfect creation. The poem addresses concepts of good and evil, free will, and the power of divine grace.

  • Anticipatory Guide: Students respond to 17 different statements about the concept of good vs. evil.
  • 40-question reading guide: These questions lead students through the story's main themes.
  • Answer key: Provides background on the poem's themes and motifs.
  • Makes an excellent lead-in to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, which was directly inspired by Paradise Lost.

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