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Frankenstein Script-Stories (Digital Class Set)

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About Digital Class Sets:  This download is perfect for teachers who use an LMS (learning management system) such as Google Classroom or Canvas! This download includes all of the following:

  • A digital copy of the original textbook
  • Individual digital copies of each script-story and activity for posting online
  • Digital sharing rights for a single teacher  

Note:  This download is a ZIP file. Please double-check that your operating system can unzip this type of file before you purchase it. To prevent piracy all documents are protected with the same easy-to-remember password.

About this Volume:  Bring Frankenstein to life with this collection of five Reader’s Theater script-stories! The story of a misunderstood monster pitted against his unfeeling creator, Frankenstein is just as relevant today as it was 200 years ago—exploring deep-thinking questions like, “Should there be limits on science? And are monsters born or made?” From the moment Victor brings the creature to life to their final showdown at the North Pole, experience the classic story in all its gothic glory. This adaptation evokes Mary Shelley’s original language while making it more accessible to modern audiences. Each script-story in this collection is approximately 35-50 minutes and intended for use with students from 6th-12th grade. A 2-page teacher guide complete with background information, summary, recall questions, teachable terms, and discussion questions accompanies each script.

This 83-page download includes 5 script-stories covering the entirety of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

For a free sample, check out “Frankenstein: Part I” by clicking HERE.

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