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World Mythology Printable Coloring Pages

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Man-eating serpents, fearsome Oni monsters, fire-breathing fairies—let your students bring these 22 black-line scenes from World Mythology to colorful life! These pictures feature myths and legends from every corner of the planet, and each comes with a caption labelling the specific story and culture of origin. The cartoon-style artwork will make this a hit with kids! With all these images contained in a single PDF, all you will have to do is hit "Print" and enjoy.

Format and Page Count:  Digital Download (PDF), 22 pages

Includes the following characters and events: Thor, Loki, Odin, Freya, Valkyries, Fenrir, Hela, Ragnarok the Day of Doom, and more from Norse Mythology; Anansi the Spider, Finn MacCool, Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Vasilisa the Brave, Momotaro the Peach Boy, Maui the Mighty, the Mayan Hero Twins, Li Chi the Serpent-Slayer, and others from World Mythology. 

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