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Dracula Script-Story Collection

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  • Print-and-Read Version (107 pages):  A password-protected digital download of the 6 Dracula script-stories to print for physical use in your classroom
  • Digital Classroom Version + Bonus Materials (177 pages): A digital download of the Dracula script-stories plus 70 pages of bonus materials including full-color maps, "primary documents" like newspaper clippings and journal entries lifted from the novel, and a short story that gives the novel a twist ending! Each component is its own password-protected digital file. This download also includes rights for digital sharing on platforms such as Google Classroom and Canvas. 

Description:  Need a Gothic horror story you can really sink your teeth into? In Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the forces of good face off against an ancient evil—Count Dracula, the lord of the undead, as he travels from his crumbling castle in Transylvania to the teeming city of London in search of fresh blood. Filled with fascinating characters like the resourceful Mina Murray, the knowledgeable Professor Van Helsing, the crazed mental patient Renfield, and the diabolical count himself, the story is equal parts horror, mystery, and adventure. This collection adapts the entirety of Bram Stoker’s original novel into six student-friendly Reader’s Theater script-stories. The world of Dracula will suck you in!

Content Warning:  Although none of the description is graphic, some of the story elements in Dracula are recommended for grades 9-12. For more information about whether or not this classic is appropriate for your students, contact us here.

Free Preview:  You can preview "Dracula: Part I" by clicking here.

Bonus Material:  The Digital Classroom Version includes 177 pages of material for teaching Dracula!

  • Six Reader’s Theater script-stories that dramatize the entirety of Bram Stoker’s Dracula
  • 11-day unit outline
  • 2-page teacher guides for each script-story
  • Dracula Dossier:  7 primary sources from the story of Dracula (newspaper articles, ship log, letters, and diary entry)
  • 2 Reading Guides for these materials
  • 3 original maps and other artifacts from the events of the novel
  • Background reading:  “The History of Vampires"
  • Elements of Gothic Literature Presentation
  • Extra reading:  “The Secret of Diary of Abraham Van Helsing”—A modern short story with a twist ending for Dracula (4 pgs.)
  • “Dracula Tracker” handouts that summarize each section of the story

Format:  These materials come as a ZIP file. Make sure your computer has the capability to unzip them before purchasing.

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