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Disney vs. Mythology: Hercules Film Viewing Guide

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Have you ever wondered how the Disney film version of Hercules stacks up against real mythology? This collection of activities gives students a chance to view the Disney film, read the original myth (through a Reader's Theater script-story), and compare the two!

Often filmmakers must adapt their source material to make it more appealing to modern audiences, and Disney’s Hercules is no exception. Analyzing Disney’s choices in adapting this ancient myth will help you appreciate both the original story and the filmmakers’ creativity.  The viewing guide for Disney's Hercules gives interesting background information, trivia, mythology to film "fact checks," and asks relevant analysis questions. 

Included in this download are the following items:

  • An 8-page Disney's Hercules viewing guide with background, trivia, and analysis questions. Students answer 15 short answer questions as they view the film. A key is also included!
  • A 13-page Reader's Theaters script-story "Heracles: The True Story." This script-story re-tells the Greek myth of Heracles. Note:  This script-story is excerpted from Reaching Olympus:  Tales of Titans, Gods, and Mortals
  • A film and myth comparison worksheet where side-by-side comparisons can be made (key included)
  • Note:  This download is a ZIP file. Please make sure your computer can unzip this type of file before purchasing.

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For more information about renting or purchasing Disney's Hercules, visit by clicking here.

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