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Digital Leaderboard for Gamified House Challenge

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Ever wanted to have a Harry Potter-style House Challenge to gamify your classroom? This kit gives you the tools to do so! Divide your students into four fun houses and award them points for their performance throughout a unit, a semester, or a whole year. 

Digital Leaderboard:  Every gamified classroom needs a leaderboard, and this digital leaderboard for Google Sheets does the work for you! It automatically ranks players, tallies house points, and displays an image of the leading house. The only pieces of information that need to be input are student names, codenames, house assignments, and house challenge points. Everything else is tallied automatically and digitally shared with your students through a handy weblink.

This download includes the following:

  • Digital leaderboard for Google Sheets (with detailed instructions) that automatically ranks individual students and house totals
  • Four original Harry Potter-style houses
  • Eye-catching logos and house images for teacher use 
  • Printable house sorting tokens to announce house assignments
  • Google Forms sign-up sheet for the House Challenge

Important Note:  This product requires a Google account to copy the product to your Google Drive.

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