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Athens vs. Sparta: The War for Greece (A Peloponnesian War Battle Game)

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Athens and Sparta, the two powerhouses of ancient Greece, face off against one another with this action-packed whole classroom game! Athens, the birthplace of democracy is a city-state dedicated to the pursuit of wisdom and the arts and controls the seas with its powerful navy. Sparta, on the other hand, is dedicated to the art of war, and their army cannot be rivaled on land. This is the Peloponnesian War. Which city-state will triumph? Athens or Sparta?

This battle game is a great way to get your entire class engaged! Using a gamesheet and dice, students “battle” one another, using their troops and special abilities to boost their side to victory! This game is the perfect addition to any unit on ancient history, the Peloponnesian War, or Greek culture.

  • Choosing troops: Students strategically choose their troops from three different categories: phalanx, hoplite warrior, and javelin warrior.
  • Special abilities: Students choose from eight offensive and defensive special abilities for their character.
  • Character Name and War cry: Students create a character name and devise the perfect war cry to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.

Number of Players:  8+

This 9-page download contains the following:

  • Detailed instructions for setting up the game
  • 2-page gamesheet to photocopy for each student
  • Sample student gamesheet
  • Not included: Dice (one die for each pair of students)

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