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Introduction to Mythology

What is a myth?

Introduction to Mythology:  The word myth comes from the Greek word mythos, which means “story of the people.” This encapsulates the essence of myths:  They are a culture’s sacred stories, passed down orally for generations until they are finally written down. Myths perform two basic purposes in a culture. First, myths explain why the world works the way it does. Why do the seasons change? Why does the sun sometimes go dark? By explaining why, myths were a type of ancient science. Secondly, myths teach important lessons about life. Some myths explain the meaning of life while others serve as warnings. Even the ancients knew that the best way to teach a message is through a story.

What is a Myth? Presentation


Want a more detailed version of this information including functions of myth, types of myths, common features of a myth, and reason to study myths? This 20-slide presentation comes in three different formats with guided questions. A worksheet-format of the information is also included. Click here to find out more!

On this website you will find many resources for teaching all types of mythology from all over the world! See the links above to navigate to your preferred type.