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To Kill a Mockingbird Reading Quizzes
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To Kill a Mockingbird Reading Quizzes

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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is one of America's finest works of literature. It's a moving coming-of-age story that addresses themes of racism and prejudice as a controversial racially-motivated trial divides a small, Depression-era town. Although it's a great novel that most students love reading, simply assigning it will not insure that they will actually read it. Reading quizzes hold students accountable for their reading. This download includes 13 multiple-choice quizzes with 10 questions each, covering 13 20-30-page-sized sections of the novel (depending on novel edition). I have used these reading quizzes in my own classroom for many years, and I can vouch that they are effective! 

This 52-page download includes 13 multiple-choice reading quizzes with keys. Each question has options A-D. Printable keys are included, which match the format of the quizzes, making it easy to place them alongside the quizzes and grade.

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