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The Great Gatsby Reading Quizzes

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Smooth and elegant like jazz, The Great Gatsby still has the power to captivate young readers. A powerful comment on the American Dream and the importance of living for the present (not the past), the themes of the novel are immediately applicable.

If you want to teach the novel but save yourself the hassle of creating reading quizzes yourself, this download will provide you with nine multiple choice reading quizzes (one for each chapter of The Great Gatsby) with ten questions each. These quizzes have been tested in my own classroom and are as Sparknotes-proof as you can get in this digital age. I have used these reading quizzes in my own classroom for many years, and I can vouch that they are effective! Each question has options A-D. Printable keys are included, which match the format of the quizzes, making it easy to place them alongside the quizzes and grade.

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