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Saint George and the Dragon: A Medieval Legend (A Reader's Theater Script-Story)

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This 12-page script-story humorously adapts the medieval legend of St. George, the world's most famous dragon-slayer.

When a fire-breathing dragon descends upon the city of Selene, the king concedes to its demands: the sacrifice of the kingdom's children and his beloved daughter, the princess Cleo. All seems lostthat is, until the heroic knight, George, arrives to save the day. Adapted from the original medieval legend, this script re-tells the famous tale of "knight in shining armor saves damsel in distress" with wit and humor.

This script has parts for 12 readers and takes approximately 30 minutes to read.

This script comes with a 2-page teacher guide featuring:

  • story summary
  • historical background: knights, damsels, and George's status as a saint
  • teachable terms: foreshadowing, theme, wordplay, puns, simile, tone, symbolism, characterization, romanticism vs. realism, anachronism
  • recall and discussion questions

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