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Robinson Crusoe: A Reader's Theater Script-Story Collection

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The timeless story of one man's survival, Daniel Defoe's 1719 novel Robinson Crusoe is now available in a collection of two Reader's Theater script-stories. Join Robinson Crusoe as he washes ashore on a lonesome island, salvages debris from his wrecked ship, does battle with his own despair, and attempts to rebuild the old world in new surroundings. In a physical, yet mental, battle, Crusoe uses faith and ingenuity to survive in a strange environment. His efforts are rewarded when he finally gains a human friend in the native, Friday. Sometimes hailed as the first English language novel, this story is the archetypal Character vs. Nature story.

This download includes:

  • 2 Reader's Theater script-stories
  • 2 Teacher Guides with relevant background information, story summary, essential questions, connections, anticipatory questions, teachable terms, recall questions, and analysis questions

Robinson Crusoe is a staple of Classic Literature and addresses the following themes:

  • Character vs. Nature
  • Utopias
  • Colonialism and Imperialism
  • Despair and Loneliness
  • Faith vs. Fear

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