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Merlin's Guide to Mythical Creatures from Many Lands (Print Edition)

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Calling all adventurers! A world of mythical creatures lies within these pages!

Merlin the Magician, the world-famous wizard, has spent the last few hundred years tracking down the world’s most elusive mythical creatures. Now the moment has arrived for him to reveal his findings with you! Every wing, wart, and whisker of these creatures is now yours to explore. Complete with stunning full-color illustrations, this guide contains 
50 creatures, each with its own fascinating background, detailed description, and danger rating for adventurers brave enough to confront them. Discover invaluable tips on how to face these mythical marvels head-on and avoid their wily traps. And that's not all – you'll even find messages penned by the creatures themselves, revealing secrets that will send shivers down your spine! Soaring dragons, elegant unicorns, shimmering mermaids, charging centaurs, monstrous gorgons, mischievous kappas, and the elusive yeti—creatures from every corner of time and space await your discovery. This isn't just a book; it's an adventure map of the boundless landscapes of the human imagination!

Designed especially for readers aged 8-12, this guidebook whimsically combines information and imagination. It also features:

  • Stunning full-color illustrations that bring these creatures to life
  • A handy index of creatures to aid in your creature quest
  • A healthy dose of jokes, wit, and humor
  • Six enchanting categories of creatures to pique your curiosity
  • Fascinating insights into the truths behind the myths
  • A panoramic view of creatures from across the globe and across time

About the Author Merlin is a famed wizard, turned adventurer. After retiring as King Arthur’s court magician, he was finally able to pursue his lifelong dream of discovering the world’s most elusive mythical creatures. When he’s not traveling across time and space, he enjoys spending time in his woodland cottage with Singe, his miniature thornback dragon.

About the Other Author/Illustrator Zachary Hamby is a teacher in rural Missouri and the author of many books about mythology and folklore for kids including The Hero’s Guidebook, Greek Mythology for Kids, and Introduction to Mythology for Kids. When he’s not teaching, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Rachel, his daughter, Jane, and his son, Luke, who also helped him with the illustrations for this book.
So, adventurers young and old, prepare to be enthralled, enlightened, and entertained as you step into a world where legends come to life!


"Mr. Hamby's latest book, Merlin's Guide to Mythical Creatures from Many Lands is brilliant! What sets this book apart is Hamby's unique approach to exploring these creatures. He presents them through the eyes of the legendary wizard Merlin, adding a whimsical and imaginative twist to each description. This perspective not only makes the book engaging but also provides a fresh take on creatures that have been featured in countless other books. However, this is not just a book; it's an invitation to embark on a magical adventure through the world's diverse cultures and their fascinating stories. Whether you're a seasoned myth enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this book is a delightful read that will leave you enchanted and inspired to explore the rich world of mythical creatures further. Zachary Hamby has crafted a true gem that deserves a place on every myth lover's bookshelf."

"Zach Hamby may take his inspiration from Edith Hamilton, but I take my inspiration from Zach Hamby. For years his work with mythology has driven my curriculum in my own classical literature/mythology class. I use his script stories and supplemental materials almost daily. So it just stands to reason that I would definitely need his newest creation Merlin’s Guide to Mythical Creatures from Many Lands."

"I found Merlin's Guide to Mythical Creatures from Many Lands an amusing, clever read, and I’m an adult! Hamby has paid attention to detail: he includes fun illustrations, engaging footnotes from Merlin, hearing from the creatures themselves, and even a pronunciation guide."

Merlin the Wizard Author of Merlin's Guide to Mythical Creatures