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Jack and the Beanstalk: An English Folktale (Reader's Theater Script-Story)

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Experience this classic fairy tale of magical beans, a murderous giant, and a mile-high beanstalk! A poor family of two needs food for their next meal, so Jack's mother sends him out to sell their beloved cow, Milky White. When Jack meets a strange, old man in the forest, he instead swaps the cow for some magic beans. Enraged, Jack's mother throws the beans out the window, but overnight the beans grow into a huge beanstalk that leads into a magical world filled with giants, singing harps, and gold-egg-laying hens.

While remaining true to the original folktale, this new adaptation uses witty wordplay, humor, and some unexpected twists to engage a modern audience in a classic story.

This download includes the 7-page Reader’s Theater script-story with reading parts for 9 students and a 1-page teacher guide complete with:

  • Story Summary
  • Anticipatory Questions
  • Big Questions
  • Connection Activity
  • Recall Questions

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