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In the Beginning:  The Bible As Literature (A Script-Story Collection)
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In the Beginning: The Bible As Literature (A Script-Story Collection)

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The English language contains more allusions to the Bible than any other work of literature. References to the Bible even beat out references to Greek and Roman mythology. Allusions to the Bible permeate our conversation, literature, and even pop culture.  In spite of this ever-presence of the Bible's influence, many students lack a basic familiarity with the Bible, its stories, and its language. This leaves students to puzzle over allusions that they encounter in art and literature.

Teaching the Bible as Literature is one way to remedy this lack of background knowledge. Under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution students can study the Bible as long as teachers present it academically and not devotionally. Admittedly, this is a fine line to tread, but that is why I have created these materials. 

This collection features three script-stories, which are adaptations of famous Bible stories from the Book of Genesis. "The Creation," "Adam and Eve," and "Cain and Abel" are among the most referenced stories in the entire Bible, referenced within literary works ranging from Beowulf to Of Mice and MenA teacher guide for each script-story provides guidance for teachers on how to teach these stories as literature.

This 19-page digital download includes the following:

  • "The Creation" script-story
  • "Adam and Eve" script-story
  • "Cain and Abel" script-story
  • A 2-page teacher guide for each script-story

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