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Beowulf Script-Stories (Digital Download)
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Beowulf Script-Stories (Digital Download)

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Do you want your students to experience the titan of Anglo-Saxon literature in a brand-new way? Try this script-story adaptation of Beowulf! The classic story is broken into three script-stories, each with its own teacher guide for teaching important terms and relevant background. With this 33-page download you can print the materials directly from your computer!

  • Beowulf Part I:  The Arrival of Beowulf and the Defeat of Grendel
  • Beowulf Part II:  Beowulf's Battle with Grendel's Mother
  • Beowulf Part III:  Beowulf's Kingship and Battle with the Dragon

To try before you buy, there is a free sample portion of Beowulf Part I available on this site. To find out more, click here.


"I cannot rave enough about this adaptation of Beowulf! This is a high-quality resource and definitely worth the cost. This has completely transformed how I teach Beowulf in my classes. The script is well-written and manages to retain important plot points for the Big Three (Grendel, Grendel's Mother, and the Dragon), as well as literary devices such as kennings and alliteration, all the while presenting this challenging poem in a student-friendly format. The narration is fun and true to the story and (the added sound effects) make it easy for even those students who are not reading to stay involved. I used this with both my on level and college prep senior classes. In the on-level class we just read the scripts, while in the college prep class I assigned the original poem and we performed those particular scenes using the script in class. Both classes loved it and their retention of the poem has been much higher than in past classes. Not to mention I had the added bonus of kids begging to read--something which has never happened in my experience with Beowulf! If you teach Beowulf and want to breathe new life into your classroom, you need this resource!"


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