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Zachary Hamby: Teacher, Author, and Illustrator

Zachary Hamby
For the last fifteen years Zachary Hamby has been a high-school English teacher in rural Missouri. Teaching in a high-poverty area, he believes in the power of education to enrich and improve his students' lives. In 2020 Zachary was a finalist for Missouri Teacher of the Year.

Zachary is also the author of a variety of textbooks: the Mythology for Teens series (which got a surprising shout-out from a Jeopardy! champ), the Reaching Olympus series, and the Searching for America series in addition to titles for young readers, including The Hero's Guidebook and Introduction to Mythology for Kids. He also illustrated the majority of these books himself.

He maintains two websites for teachers: with a special emphasis on mythology resources and with a wider focus on general English classroom resources. He also authors a blog, which focuses on creative teaching ideas.

Zachary currently teaches English in the Ozarks, where he resides with his wife and two children. Email him by visiting our contact page, here. Follow him on Twitter @zachary_hamby  Visit his Amazon page by clicking here.

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