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World Mythology for Beginners: 50 Timeless Tales from Around the World

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Lose yourself in the world’s most compelling myths

People have always created stories to explain and explore the world around them. World Mythology for Beginners introduces you to 50 of the most incredible tales of gods, heroes, and monsters. From common classics to lesser-known tales, these compact and modern retellings are a joy to read. You’ll never forget the myths, their meaning, and their place within history.

Go beyond other mythology books with:

  • Tales from around the world―Discover myths that cover every corner of the globe, from the Greek classics to the oral traditions of Africa.
  • Stories come to life―Read myths and legends presented with a storyteller’s flair that makes it easy to enjoy them time after time.
  • Mythology 101―Contextualize each story with a collection of quick facts about its origin, key figures, and insights into the lessons and legends each myth celebrates.

 Start your journey into the world of mythology with this engaging introductory guide.

The nine sections of the book are:

  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome
  • The Middle East
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Mesoamerica and South America
  • American Indian
  • Australia and Oceania

Teacher Review:   "Your book [World Mythology for Beginners] has been incredibly helpful for our students, and it has been the best resource for bringing world mythology to our students." -Anna M., 9th-grade educator-

Recommended grades: Ages 12+

Number of pages:  212


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