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The Red Badge of Courage (Script-Story Collection)
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The Red Badge of Courage (Script-Story Collection)

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Penning the ultimate novel of the Civil War, Stephen Crane takes us into the mind of a soldier. The Red Badge of Courage portrays one youth’s struggle against himself as he fights his first battle. Because of its psychological realism, the novel still resonates with young readers today. This two-script adaptation is perfect for teachers who need an engaging way to exposure their students to the events of the novel. These script-stories can be used in conjunction with the original text to increase comprehension or in lieu of the text since they portray the entirety of the novel’s plot and capture the author’s storytelling style. The script-stories could also work well for history teachers who want to incorporate some fiction into the study of the Civil War.  For a preview of the script-stories, click here.

This 39-page download includes:

  • Two 30-40 minute Reader’s Theater script-stories
  • Reading guides with keys for each script
  • A teacher guide for each script, which includes a story summary, relevant background information, deeper analysis, teachable terms to use during the script, recall questions for quizzes, and discussion questions to help your students analyze the deeper meaning of the story.

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