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The Magic Lake: A Folktale from Ecuador (Script-Story)

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Take a journey into the magical wilds of the Incan Empire with this timeless tale from Ecuador! A poor girl named Sisa and her faithful llama, Yaku, must set off on an epic quest to save her family—not to mention the heir to the Inca Empire. To do so, she must retrieve water from a magical lake high in in the Andes Mountains. Along the way, she meets a colorful cast of characters:  talking toucans, a murderous puma, a feathered snake, and the heavenly llama himself, Urcuchillay. Ultimately, she learns the power of kindness and unselfishness.

This 14-page document features a 12-page Reader's Theater script-story with reading parts for 17 students and a 2-page teacher guide complete with:

  • Story summary
  • Background information
  • Name pronunciation guide
  • Essential questions
  • "Creature Feature": All About Urcuchillay, the heavenly llama
  • Discussion questions
  • Teachable terms
  • Recall questions

 This folktale teaches:

  • Unselfishness
  • Resourcefulness
  • Kindness

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