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The Hero Twins in the Land of the Dead: A Mayan Myth (Script-Story)

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In this famous Mayan myth, a set of heroic twins descend into the Underworld to challenge the gods of death to...a ball game? If they win, they will end the death gods' reign of terror. If they lose, they will pay with their lives! This Meso-American hero story from the Popol Vuh features talking animals, magical transformations, and the ancient sport of Pok-ta-Pok—not to mention messenger owls!

This 15-page download features: a 13-page Reader's Theater script-story with reading parts for 12 readers + 2-page teacher guide complete with: 

  • Story summary
  • Background information
  • Essential questions
  • Name pronunciation guide
  • Creature Feature: All about the Mayan Death Gods
  • Discussion questions
  • Anticipatory questions
  • Teachable terms
  • Recall questions

 This myth teaches the following character concepts: 

  • Courage in the face of fear
  • Resourcefulness

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