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Lugalbanda the Littlest Prince: A Mesopotamian Myth (Script-Story)

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Does being the littlest automatically mean you are the weakest? In this Mesopotamian myth, Lugalbanda, the youngest of eight brothers, finally has the chance to go to war with his kingly father. Along the way, he is left behind in the mountains of monsters. There he encounters the legendary Anzu beast (half-lion, half-bird) and the Urmahlullu (half-man, half-lion) and learns an important lesson about having mercy and making peace. 

On an interesting side note, this myth might just be the oldest hero story ever written! The written copies of Lugalbanda's story, carved into rock slabs, date back to 2,100 B.C. beating out Gilgamesh by 100-300 years! (Fittingly, Lugalbanda is actually Gilgamesh's father.) In spite of its most ancient of origins, the myth's plot still feels fresh and relevant—proving yet again the timelessness of myth.

This 15-page download features: a 13-page Reader's Theater script-story with reading parts for 14 readers + 2-page teacher guide complete with:

  • Story summary
  • Background information
  • Essential questions
  • "Creature Feature": All about Anzu the lion-bird
  • Discussion questions
  • Teachable terms
  • Recall questions

This myth teaches the following character concepts:

  • The power of mercy
  • Making peace


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